Dr. Singerman has worked with diverse groups of medical and mental health professionals as well as members of the legal profession.

Below are a few testimonials from individuals with whom he has collaborated over the years.

Having known and worked with Dr. Burton Singerman for over twenty years, I have developed a deep appreciation both for his clinical skills and for his ethical integrity. As chair of the Department of Psychiatry at St. Francis Medical Center in the 1990s, Dr. Singerman engaged all of us in his focus on excellence. As the director of psychology training at St. Francis at the time, I especially valued Dr. Singerman’s leadership, which encouraged the collaboration of psychologists and psychiatrists towards improving the lives of the patients whom we together cared for.

Over recent years, Dr. Singerman has provided psychiatric consultations and treatment for many children, adolescents, and adults whom I have referred to him from my private psychology practice. I know from patients’ feedback that he quickly establishes a therapeutic alliance. I know that his nonjudgmental nature has made even highly defensive patients comfortable receiving needed psychiatric care. I also know that he conveys the rationale of his treatment decisions in a manner that both children and parents can readily understand. 

Over the course of his extensive career, Dr. Singerman has mentored literally hundreds of medical students, psychology and psychiatry residents, and allied health professionals, and he has no doubt helped tens of thousands of patients and their families. Based on his depth of experience, his careful diagnostic skills, and his thoughtful treatment approach, Dr. Singerman qualifies as a rare find: an outstanding psychiatric expert witness whose integrity is beyond reproach.

Lawrence S. Newman, PhD, FAClinP

Licensed Psychologist, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Board-Certified in Clinical Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology

Dr. Singerman brings a valuable and versatile skill set to the art and science of being an expert witness. Who better to serve as an expert witness than an individual who has taught and coached hundreds of psychiatric residents in the finer points of presenting clinical cases?

Impressive credentials he surely has, being a Harvard medical grad, the author of multiple research papers, the chief of psychiatry at three academic institutions—the list goes on—but more than all of these, it is his expertise and his ability to deliver a clear message to a jury that is unparalleled. 

He has been an educator, a mentor, and finally a friend to me over the years. I have known him for almost twenty years and can personally vouch for his integrity and erudition. His piercing gaze, clear diction, and laser-sharp analytical skills would be a boon to any courtroom. 

Remaining unwavering under the toughest cross-examination, he is able to convince a judge and jury of the point he is trying to make. 

Gerard R. A. Francis, MD

President, Well-Mind Global Health Services, LLC

President, Well-Mind Global Counseling Services, LLC

President, Well-Mind Global Therapeutic Services, LLC

Former Medical Director, Geriatric Psychiatry, Meadville Medical Center

Former Medical Director, Associates in Child Counseling and Guidance

Former Psychiatrist, Crawford County Correctional Services

Dr. Singerman possesses psychiatric clinical experience that is unparalleled. His ability to articulate and to explain diverse psychiatric disorders to students and colleagues is impressive. I cannot think of a psychiatrist who would be more capable and would display such excellent integration of information, with concise explanation of his opinions and the highest level of integrity. I have known and worked with many psychiatrists over my decades in the mental health field. I can’t think of any psychiatrist more qualified or capable of acting as a psychiatric expert witness than Dr. Singerman.

Ann Gaydos

Director of Behavioral Health, Centerville Clinics, Inc.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to be associated with Dr. Singerman over the years. His knowledge is unsurpassed, and his ability to empathize with his patients is remarkable. He has been an advocate for the rights of people with mental health illness and has been able to facilitate change for the better. I have great respect for the contributions he has made to the field, and his work as a psychiatric expert witness has been a further contribution.

Susan Campbell, LCSW

Supervisor, Centerville Clinics, Inc.

Dr. Singerman has a remarkable diversity of psychiatric expertise developed through years of direct clinical care, research, community involvement, and academic teaching and supervision. He was the chairman of psychiatry at Conemaugh Memorial Hospital, where I was recruited to be the director of child and adolescent psychiatry.

Dr. Singerman successfully steered the department through multiple transitions. Prior to my recruitment, he had to serve as acting director of the child and adolescent inpatient units and expanded them during his tenure.

Similarly, when it became necessary for him to temporarily take over the inpatient units of adult psychiatry and geropsychiatry, he successfully ran and expanded both while also recruiting new directors. He was responsible for all psychiatric clinical services and handled all psychiatric administrative issues during this time.

Under his leadership, the department of psychiatry grew and its services expanded dramatically. He also worked interdepartmentally, establishing better collaboration with both the internal medicine and family practice residency training programs. He established and initially taught a weekly series of lectures on psychiatry for all doctors in training, medical students, and other allied mental health professionals. This lecture series continues to this day. The clinical excellence of the department and its strong financial position are both attributable to Dr. Singerman.

Dr. Singerman’s clarity and depth of understanding mental health quality-of-care issues and his reputation for having the highest integrity combine to make him a truly outstanding psychiatric expert witness.

Aileen Oandassen, MD

Director of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, The Children’s Institute, Pittsburgh, PA