Review. Research. Report.

Dr. Burton Singerman will provide the following to your legal team:

  • a review of all documents relevant to evaluating the quality of care and whether the care met professional standards

  • a detailed written report, including his opinions and recommendations, if requested

  • information from medical literature research into issues relevant to his decision, if requested

  • relevant clinical practice guidelines related to the quality of care, if requested

  • extensive conferences with the legal team to ensure that all involved have a full understanding of the issues important to the case

  • availability to the legal team throughout the entire case process, including depositions and trials



Dr. Singerman has participated in academic research in many different areas, including: 


  • helping to develop and test the Diagnostic Interview Schedule as part of research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health

  • comparing the American Psychiatric Association’s initial diagnostic manual of psychiatric disorders with previous instruments used in the diagnosis of psychiatric conditions

  • studying methods to improve the recruitment of medical students into psychiatry

  • contributing to a study funded by the Pentagon to evaluate ways to decrease the development of post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers prior to deployment

  • contributing to a study funded by the Department of Defense to improve outcomes in soldiers returning from war and affected by post-traumatic stress disorder



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