Dr. Burton Singerman has been the head of three successful academic psychiatry departments. His responsibilities have included:


  • supervising clinical care and the teaching of hundreds of psychiatric faculty, residents, and medical students

  • overseeing clinical services for more than 300 psychiatric inpatient beds

  • supervising outpatient services of the highest quality in hospitals, community mental health centers, and in his own private practice of psychiatry

Community Involvement

Dr. Singerman has extensive experience working within the communities he has served, including:


  • lecturing on psychiatric illnesses in a number of urban and rural university communities

  • presenting lectures to non–mental health professionals, including police forces, local political leadership, and the lay public

  • being interviewed by local and national media on topics including school violence, the societal effects of drug abuse, the psychological effects of terrorist activities, community responses to post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers returning from combat, the relationship between psychiatric and medical disorders, and the economic impact of psychiatric disorders on the individual, the business community, and the nation


Dr. Singerman has participated in academic research in many different areas, including:


  • helping to develop and test the Diagnostic Interview Schedule as part of research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health

  • comparing the American Psychiatric Association's initial diagnostic manual of psychiatric disorders with previous instruments used in the diagnosis of psychiatric conditions

  • studying methods to improve the recruitment of medical students into psychiatry

  • contributing to a study funded by the Pentagon to evaluate ways to decrease the development of post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers prior to deployment

  • contributing to a study funded by the Department of Defense to improve outcomes in soldiers returning from war and affected by post-traumatic stress disorder

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