Dr. Singerman is a graduate of Harvard Medical School.  After, he completed public-health training at Johns Hopkins. A psychiatric residency training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital followed.

He then was awarded a National Institute of Mental Health psychiatric research fellowship at Washington University Medical School.


During his fellowship years, he also ran the psychiatric services for the  Medical Care Group of Washington University, the second  medical school health maintenance organization in the United States.

Dr. Singerman followed his fellowship years by running the Residency training program in psychiatry at St. Louis University Medical School. He has since been the head of three large departments of psychiatry in teaching hospitals.

During these three psychiatric leadership positions, he supervised over 120 faculty psychiatrists and was responsible for  the clinical care that was provided in 320 inpatient psychiatric beds that were divided into 25 different specialty units. He was also responsible for all clinical outpatient services provided by these departments. He has trained a large number of psychiatric and  medical  residents as well as medical students and other mental health professionals.

Dr. Singerman also has served as a civilian psychiatric consultant for the Pentagon. In this capacity, he worked with a military team to develop new preventative programs for posttraumatic stress disorder for soldiers being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. He also served as the psychiatric consultant for the Defense Veterans Brain Injury Program, a model national program created  to treat Iraq and Afghanistan veterans  who had not responded to initial military care for their joint brain trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Dr. Singerman has been given many honors. He is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, the highest membership category awarded. He was also the recipient of the exemplary psychiatrist of the year award by the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill. He served as the president of the Pittsburgh Psychiatric Society for the 2014 – 2015 year.

Dr. Singerman has always maintained his own private clinical practice of psychiatry. Presently, he serves as the adult psychiatrist for a large multi – specialty medical and mental health group practice serving the Appalachian area of Pennsylvania.


Dr. Singerman has  been asked to serve as the psychiatric clinical expert witness for both defense and plaintiff sides over the last several years. He has been successful in every case which he accepted.​


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