​Burton Singerman, MD, LLC brings you the professional expertise and experience needed for testimony in disability and psychiatric malpractice cases.

Dr. Burton Singerman is a nationally respected psychiatrist who is presently accepting work as an expert witness for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Expert Psychiatric Consultation & Testimony

He has established Burton Singerman, MD, LLC to ensure that mental health disability cases are accurately diagnosed and that professional standards of psychiatric care are upheld in all clinical settings.


Dr. Singerman has been asked to serve as the psychiatric expert witness for both defendants and plaintiffs over the last several years. As a legal expert witness, he efficiently evaluates each case to determine whether psychiatric diagnoses are accurate or whether the quality of care provided met professional standards. Dr. Singerman then documents his findings and makes recommendations to the legal team or professional entities involved. 


His services have been of benefit to lawyers handling disability and malpractice clients, health centers and corporations under lawsuit for negligence, employees injured in the workplace, and psychiatrists facing malpractice suits. He also will defend employers being sued for alleged injuries.


Browse this site for more information, and contact Burton Singerman, MD, LLC via email or phone to set up an appointment with an organization that provides the highest-quality psychiatric expert witness consultation and testimony. 

Areas of Practice


Dr. Singerman’s experience in disability and malpractice litigation includes all areas of psychiatric diagnosis, including expertise in the following care-related issues:


  • negligent psychiatric care in acute medical or psychiatric facilities in correctional facilities


  • misdiagnosis of symptoms caused by underlying medical illness, medication-induced reactions, or military or civilian post-traumatic stress disorder


  • inadequate safety protocol of an employer resulting in severe physical and psychiatric illness in an employee


  • negligent care related to physician impairment


  • quality-of-care issues in nursing homes and long-term care facilities


  • defamatory accusations arising from implantation of false memories during treatment


  • evaluation of the validity of employee disability claims


  • mental health care deficiencies leading to preventable suicides


  • improper care due to incorrect psychiatric diagnosis


  • psychiatric sequelae of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or rape


  • customer harm due to defective equipment

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